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Want that hair-free, clean, and smooth texture on your legs? Then, Avail of laser Legs Hair Removal treatment at Kotil Skin Care Clinic and get rid of most Conventional hair removal methods.

Permanent Full leg Hair Removal ( laser Treatment ) is your ticket to feeling ultra-smooth at all times. Without having to constantly shave or wax.

The full legs treatment covers both legs from the top of the ankle bone to the top of the thigh. The treatment is a highly effective method of removing Hair from a long-term perspective.

If you‘ve always longed to be able to put on a dress or shorts whenever you feel like it, without having to resort to traditional and painful hair removal strategies, book your appointment with Kotil skin care professionals to get the best and most cost-effective leg laser Hair removal treatment.

During laser, a deep beam of light is applied to the treatment area. This light will work to damage the hair follicles and stop them from growing again in the future.

The treatment is a much better alternative than using a razor or completely relying on waxing. The kotil technicians use the most advanced laser technologies to put a permanent end to leg hair growth.

The article mainly focuses on the meaning of the treatment, how the laser leg Hair removal Treatment works, and why laser hair removal is best for legs, and legs laser hair removal before and after.

What is Permanent full legs hair removal (Laser Treatment)?

The treatment offered by Kotil Skin Science works by destroying the hair follicles, stopping regrowth, and giving clients the benefit of permanently smooth legs. For this purpose, a beam of laser technology is used to treat the part of your legs. Consumers might also avail of a discount while getting their first full leg hair removal laser treatment. The hair follicles only respond to treatment when they are actively growing, and as follicles grow at different rates, the best results of laser hair removal treatment are visible after several treatments.

How does laser hair removal legs treatment work?

legs hair removal treatment works by damaging the hair follicle enough so that it does not regenerate or produce any new hair. The combination of successive sessions of Full legs hair removal treatment will contribute to a reduction of hair growth by up to 90 percent.  Laser hair removal for legs is not permanent as per the FDA definition. But the vast majority of patients, experience permanent hair removal after undergoing six to twelve sessions. 

The whole procedure makes use of a laser set to a specific wavelength and pulse duration. The light energy emitted by the laser directly targets the pigment in the hair. There, the light energy will travel down to the hair follicle. There, the light energy will transform into thermal energy and destroy the follicle beyond repair.

Why is leg hair or laser hair removal for full legs the best way to remove leg hair?

Legs, or rather, leg hair, are the most troublesome area when it comes to hair removal. It is one of the most affordable alternatives to shaving, legs waxing, or full leg wax. Without any sort of repeated shaving, or leg waxing, your skin will be able to heal without any irritation. It is also a perfect solution for anyone prone to ingrown hairs, as permanent hair removal treatment prevents the regrowth of hair that invariably leads to those ugly spots or bumps on the leg’s skin. The benefits of permanent hair removal for legs can be summed up as follows:

 Works to  reduce unwanted leg hair 

Provides smooth and even skin texture 

Minimizes time spent on eliminating body hair 

There are no further risks of ingrown hairs.

Zero downtime. 

How many sessions of  Laser Hair Removal that you need?

The number of legs hair removal treatments that you need depends on different factors. Dark-skinned or blonde-haired people might need additional sessions. While six sessions are the minimum requirement, people might also demand up to twelve sessions. Each individual is unique, and so are their treatment needs. Skin complexion, genetics, hair color, and medication might all impact the results of permanent hair removal.

The best way to remove leg hair works only when the hair is in the anagen phase of growth. However, only 20 percent of all body hair is in the anagen phase of growth at any given time. Therefore, the laser will be able to treat only 18 to 20 percent of leg hair. This explains why patients require several sessions. On average, usually requires 4 sessions spanning 2–3 months.

How much does laser hair removal cost?

 laser hair removal cost depends on the area to be treated and the medical infrastructure available at the skin and hair treatment clinic. Here, the main point of reference is the Kotil skin care clinic. The Clinic is equipped with top-notch infrastructure and the latest medical advancements. It plays a crucial role in the overall cost of treatment. The minimum cost of leg treatment stands at approximately 27,700 INR. While the maximum cost can extend up to nearly 33,000 INR.  The choice of the clinic also determines the cost of laser hair removal for legs.

Closing notes : Legs Hair Removal at Kotil Skin Science – Remove Legs hair Permanently

At Kotils, laser hair removal legs are classified into two parts: full legs and Half legs hair removal laser treatment. A  complete leg service eliminates hair from top to bottom for smoothness. Full legs laser hair removal is the most popular treatment method.

It does require multiple sessions when you can be hair-free, so it’s best to start early. So, if you want to flaunt smooth legs at all times, Contact the Kotils skincare professionals today to book your appointment at the earliest. The specialists at Kotil Skin Science have the hands-on expertise to aptly implement the latest laser technology to replace traditional methods of legs waxing.