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In most of the cases , the reasons behind visible signs of ageing might be traced back to volume loss . In such a scenario , Filler treatments come to the rescue . The thinning of facial tissues causes lines getting etched around the nose and also mouth and cheeks tend to look a little hollow . Fillers in the form of filler injections are cosmetic treatments used to smooth wrinkles or pitted scars in the skin ,most commonly on the face . 

What are injectable fillers ? 

Injectable fillers are gel-like substances that you inject beneath the skin to restore lost volume , smooth lines and soften creases or work to improve facial contours . It is a very popular treatment option , which is a cost -effective way to look younger minus surgery or downtime . Another casual term for fillers is ‘’Wrinkle Fillers ‘’ and can do much more than Just smoothening wrinkles .

Selecting a correct provider for Filler treatments

The most basic yet initial considerations that users need to keep in mind are skincare clinics with an extensive range of Facial anatomy , well-developed aesthetic eye and a surgeon’s skill and precision . More so , as non -surgical filler Treatment is a medical process that needs specific training , knowledge and skills to provide safe treatment and natural -looking results . 

Kotil Skincare clinic prides itself being the top -most skincare clinic offering specialised Skin treatment services . The kotil medical Practitioners with deep knowledge in medical aesthetics  inject dermal fillers in the areas around the eyes , mouth and nose . This sort of cosmetic procedure gives results right away and might last for months or years .

The stages involved in the Treatment Process at kotil 

Filler Injections are non -surgical and typically get completed during an office visit . The following are some of the crucial stages of the Treatment Process : 

Pre Treatment consultation 

During consultation , the cosmetic surgeon will examine the area of concern and review the medical History . Although there are minimal risks in the Treatment , You need to fully disclose the medical history before the treatment as some allergies , skin or neurological problems might jeopardise your safety or the desired Outcomes . 

Actual injectable filler Treatment

The kotil practitioners use filler injections to smooth scarred , wrinkled or furrowed skin on the face . Certain fillers are also required to add fullness to the Lips . In this stage , the practitioners clean your skin and might apply a lotion or cream using an anaesthetic .Then , using a thin needle , the practitioners inject small amounts of fillers under your skin . 

Highlighting Some of the benefits of filler Treatment 

Below listed are the crucial benefits that Filler Treatment offers to the users : 

  1. Aids in making facial features more symmetrical . 
  2. Helps to plump up lips and cheeks . 
  3. Works to smooth wrinkles and creases in your face . 
  4. Adds volume to loose sagging skin . 
  5. Enhance the appearance of recessed scars . 

How Long Do the Results of Treatment Last ? 

After availing the filler injection Treatment , users might experience some pain , redness , swelling or possibly itching . The swelling might last up to 3 days or 36 hours . If symptoms begin to get worse 1-3 days after the treatment , call the doctor . This is mainly to avoid getting an infection . 

A Footnote from Kotil skincare clinic 

Kotil Medical practitioners smooth wrinkles and revive volume to sagging skin . Most people select to get these injections as results are noticeable right away and recovery time is also minimal . So , schedule your consultation with the Kotil skincare service provider and discuss the risks and benefits of best fillers Treatment for you . The specialists will do a proper analysis of your skin condition and prescribe or customise the Best filler Treatments for you . 

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What do you understand about fillers and what are their uses ?

Fillers smooth lines and restore volume in the face . People choose to get fillers to improve the facial features or gain a more youthful look .


For how long do fillers last ?

The fillers last somewhere between six months and a year , but that might differ as per the type of filler being used .


Are fillers effective to make you look younger ?

Fillers also called Injectable filler treatments Constitute a great solution to provide you a more tighter , refreshed look .


Will Fillers help to change my face appearance ?

Expert injected fillers might help to restore volume and the youthful appearance of the cheeks minus the ‘’face freezing ‘’ effects associated with Botox Treatment .


What is the best age to start using fillers ?

If you want to rely on filler , to combat signs of ageing . Mid 20’s is often a good time to start . The body begins to lose bone and collagen around 26 years of age , so it’s a great time to begin maintenance injections .

Kotil Skincare Clinic with state-of-the-art skin care techniques satisfies the user’s search. Kotil represents a paradigm shift in people’s growing consciousness about beauty and health.


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