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Cheek Implants


Cheek Implants are a permanent cosmetic process that adds volume to the cheeks. It is a timeless process that works to enhance cheeks. The cheek implant surgery has been around since 1956 to provide efficient and safe cosmetic enhancement Procedures. The Surgery is generally quick, makes use of local anesthesia, and has low side effects. The implant is primarily aimed at offering mid-face volume, fullness, and a defined structure to make you look youthful, lean, and toned. 

What are cheek implants? 

Cheek implants are solid pieces of artificial material that are surgically added to existing cheek lines . Cheek implants improve the definition and fullness of your cheeks . A plastic surgeon inserts cheek implants above or at your cheekbone . Cheek implants consists of  medical -grade silicone or porous polythelene . The cheek implant procedure offers a permanent solution to get flat or less defined cheeks .

Why the need for cheek implants ?

Most people opt for cheek implants as they feel their cheekbones are too flat or out of proportion with the rest of the face . Or May be simply because , with age , the skin begin to sag due to which , cheeks can lose their plumpness. It might leads to jowls or saggy folds of skin . Undergoing cheek implants might help pull up the sagging skin to offer your face , different , more youthful proportions . 

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Cheek Implant Procedure at kotil 

Cheek Implant is usually done as a single Treatment or in combination with other cosmetic surgery process . The surgery is performed under general anesthetic that implies that you will be asleep during the duration of the procedure . The surgeon will discuss this with you Prior to the treatment . 

During the Procedure , the surgeon will insert the implant via an incision made inside Mouth where the cheek joins upper gum . The method implies that there will be no visible scarring . At times , the practitioners might also insert the implant via  a cut in the lower eyelid . 

As a final step in the procedure , the surgeons will secure the implant to the cheekbone followed by closing the incision using stitches . 

Benefits of cheek Implants 

Following are some of the main benefits of cheek implants : 

  1. Altering your appearance . 
  2. Create a fuller or more prominent cheekbone . 
  3. Effectively balances your facial symmetry . 
  4. Minimal recovery Time . 
  5. Offers a permanent solution . 

Post -care tips of cheek Implants 

To ensure faster recovery , the underlying precautions need to be taken after surgery : 

  1. Try To keep the surgical area clean . 
  2. Skip vigorous activities that might increase swelling or bruising . 
  3. Do not exercise till your surgeon allows . 
  4. Consume soft foods like pudding , banana , oatmeal for a few days . 
  5. Drink a lot of water to keep yourself hydrated . 

Why choose Kotil skin science 

Kotil clinic is commmitted to deliver excellent individual care and customer service . The dedicated and highly trained team aims to get consistently excellent results . For the skin specialists of Kotil , it’s not just treating patients , its also looking after people . Moreover , the clinic equipped with modern skincare equipments , make sure that cheek implants emerge as a safe procedure for its clients .

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What is the best age to get cheek fillers ?

Many people find fillers helpful in 30s or 40s . But younger people Might benefit more from the Process . Fillers might produce excellent results at any age .


Which is better cheek implants or filler ?

While fillers work to provide mild to moderate improvement in facial contours , implants work to create more dramatic contour and lasts longer .


Is cheek implant Process safe ?

Not completely, as there is an initial risk of having adverse reaction to the anesthesia being used for cheek implant process .


Is cheek implant permanent ?

Face implants or cheek implants typically made of medical silicon intends to be permanent but the implants might be removed if desired.

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