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Black Heads Removal Treatment

Black Heads Removal Treatment

Acne comes in many shapes , sizes and colours . Blackheads are the most visible manifestations of one of the different kinds of acne . Blackheads are referred to as small bumps appearing on the skin due to clogged hair follicles .The Bumps are termed as blackheads as the surface looks dark or black . It is a mild manifestation of acne that is usually found on the face but might appear in other body parts also . While anyone can suffer from blackheads , they mostly appear on an oily skin type and might be found at the early stages of mild to moderate acne . Several skin care clinics claim to offer customised Blackheads Treatment and kotil skin care clinic is the leading example of this . 

What All you need to know about Blackheads

Blackheads represent a kind of acne characterised by tiny , dark coloured bumps that form on the skin . Blackheads are the by -products of oil build up and dead skin cells in the pores of the skin , especially Hair follicles . Blackheads might also be due to heavy sweating or the use of cosmetics .Remember that Blackheads are not pimples . The main difference lies in the cause . While pimples are caused by bacteria alone , blackheads are not . Blackheads form when pores get clogged with oil or dead skin cells , while Pimples occur once the pores get clogged with bacteria . 

Hormonal changes , certain medications , greasy cosmetics , oily skin or a build up sweat or bacteria on the skin are the main causes of blackheads on the skin .Many people experience blackheads at some point in their lives either due to excessive oil production or insufficient use of a skincare regime. 

Kotil skin science with Deep expertise in medical aesthetics offer the best customized treatment for Blackheads . The Treatments that are non -invasive , satisfactory and long -lasting .

Top four Best Treatments for Blackheads at kotil Clinic 

The kotil clinic using the best of technology offers the underlying advanced skin treatments for Blackheads such as : 

Facial – Availing facial treatment is a great way to remove blackheads . Facials are a safe procedure that might help to eliminate blackheads and make your skin look smoother thereby stopping breakouts .The entire Treatment involves cleansing , exfoliating and extracting blackheads from the skin . For blackheads Removal , the Kotil professionals resort to customized facials viz extraction facials . 

Laser therapy –laser therapy is a new kind of a treatment for Blackheads that employs lasers to target and destroy the bacteria accumulation , oil and dead skin cells that leads to blackheads .It might also minimise inflammation to alleviate current breakouts and works to prevent future breakouts by minimising oil production . Before you avail the laser therapy , try to avoid sun exposure . On the whole , laser therapy is a safe and effective way to get rid of blackheads with minimal side effects . =

Chemical peels –Chemical peels are yet another effective treatment for Black heads removal . A chemical peel solution would cause the top skin layers to peel off , taking the blackheads with it . Superficial peels are best for treating mild to moderate acne . The first stage of the treatment involves getting your skin cleansed thoroughly and after that a chemical solution is applied to the skin . The solution applied exfoliates the skin and once done , you get regenerated skin . 

Microdermabrasion – Microdermabrasion is yet another effective method for blackheads .In this treatment , a special type of machine is used  to exfoliate the skin and eliminate the dead skin cells . The Treatment is best for getting rid of blackheads as it provides a customized  approach to exfoliate your skin . During this treatment , the therapist will make use of the machine to exfoliate the skin .

The stages of Black Heads Removal Treatment at Kotil 

The following is a three simple steps to start your journey towards Kotil Treatment : 

In the first step , Book a free consultation with one of the experienced practitioners of kotil . you can call directly or request a call back . 

Go to your skin clinic and meet a practitioner for a one -to one consultation . The practitioner as per your skin type and problem , would recommend the best treatment recommendations for you . 

Resume your Blackhead Removal Treatment at the kotil’s leading skin clinic . You can trust the experts for their expertise in medical aesthetics and vast experience in Dermatology . 

End note on preventing and Treating Blackheads 

The Best Treatment is prevention .The above write -up has discussed blackheads in every possible way . It includes what they are , how they form , and the best treatments to get rid of blackheads . Blackheads can sometimes get rid of its own . The results also vary how deep the blackheads are on your skin . Deep embedded blackheads are likely to go on its own . So , in case , if you have embedded blackheads , a dermatologist or medical aesthetics will help you a lot .

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How do Blackheads look like ?

Blackheads resemble small bumps on the skin that are dark or black in colour . It might appear dotted over the area or in the form of clusters.


Where are blackheads most commonly found ?

Blackheads are more commonly found in the T-zone that involves the forehead , cheek , nose and chin areas .


Will Blackheads leave scars ?

To avoid any complications , it is recommended to follow a treatment carried out by a practitioner, to minimise the risk of scarring the skin and enhance the overall skin appearance .


Is it possible to remove blackheads ?

Yes , you can extract blackheads from the skin . Extracting on your own may not be safe as this might result in infection . So , it is always best to avail various treatment options that aid  in extracting blackheads .


Is the Blackhead Removal Process painful ?

Blackheads removal is a painless process and you don’t need to apply a numbing cream before the procedure .

Kotil Skincare Clinic with state-of-the-art skin care techniques satisfies the user’s search. Kotil represents a paradigm shift in people’s growing consciousness about beauty and health.


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