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Lactic Peel

Lactic Peel

The term chemical peel  has an in-built sense of Harshness, attached to it  . But not all chemical peels are harsh on the skin . Lactic acid peel is the gentler of the peels and works to offer your skin a significant glow . A lactic acid peel is an alpha hydroxyl Acid (AHA ) peel that’s formulated using lactic acid from milk . Due to its gentle nature , it is also great for people with sensitive skin . Thus , to provide a complete definition , A lactic acid peel is a method that uses a chemical solution to enhance and smooth the texture of the skin by removing its damaged uppermost layers .

How does a lactic acid peel work ?

Lactic acid primarily works as an exfoliant on the skin . lactic acid solution works by breaking the bonds that bind dead skin cells together . This in a way , helps to shed thousands of dead skin cells from your face as the lactic acid peel breaks down these linkages . It helps to provide a skin that is smoother and vibrant . lactic acid peels are mainly known for their customizability .  

Similar to  chemical peels Treatment , in lactic acid procedure also , the upper layers of the skin are peeled off to reveal new younger -looking skin beneath . The skin specialists of clinic offering the peel can tailor the concentration of lactic acid and blend it with other peels to receive the level of rejuvenation required . 

Where to find lactic acid peel Treatment ? 

Various skincare clinic that specializes in offering the best of skin and hair care solutions , tend to offer specalized lactic peel Treatment . Kotil skincare clinic is an emerging Skincare clinic based in Delhi . The Clinic using best of medical knowledge and technology work to provide 100 percent satisfaction to its clients who wish to avail lactic acid peel Treatment . 

The Clinic offers lactic acid peel for Treating Aging , Acne , sun damaged skin , hyperpigmentation . While preparing the perfect lactic acid peel , the clinic uses the active ingredients of Lactic acid , Gluconic acid , Blueberry fruit puree , Bilberry fruit extract , Mulberry extract that offer the best antioxidant and skin brightening properties .

The steps involved in lactic acid peel Treatment 

The kotil medical Practioners perform lactic peel treatment via the underlying relevant steps  : 

  1. To begin with , the face is first cleanse thoroughly . 
  2. After that petroleum jelly or vaseline is applied on the sensitive parts of the face such as around the corners of the nose , mouth , eyes etc . 
  3. The practitioners cover the eyes using the cotton pads . 
  4. Now , the lactic acid peel solution is applied all over the face through a brush applicator . 
  5. The applied solution is left on the skin usually between 5-10 minutes . 
  6. Next , the peel is whipped off followed by the application of a soothing cream . 

What are the benefits of lactic peel ? 

The mild nature of lactic acid peel has numerous benefits to offer to its users such as : 

  1. Lactic acid aids the skin to maintain a healthy PH balance . 
  2. Lactic peel also inhibits melanin production in the skin , leading to decrease of dark patches and hyperpigmentation and lighter general skin tone also . 
  3. Lactic peel casts a moisturising effect on dehydrated and dry skin and at the same time , it has antioxidant properties that work to tone down acne prone oily skin . 
  4. Lactic peels are good for skin exfoliation , Eliminate dead skin cells , bacteria , toxins and so unclogging pores . 
  5. Improves Blotchy skin , uneven skin pigmentation and melasma . 
  6. Provides younger and more refreshed skin post Treatment with minimal to no downtime . 

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Is peeling Treatment good for face ?

A light chemical peel enhances skin texture and tone , and reduces the appearance of fine  wrinkles .


What are the main ingredients in the black peel?

A typical black peel solution consists of black acetic Acid , Black Vinegar , salicylic acid , jasmonic acid , potassium iodide as part of the best peel Treatment for the face . 


Is black peel safe ?

Black peel is essentially an innovative , safe or effective chemical peel treatment that is good for acne problems .


What are the results of a black peel ?

Black peel might help to make your skin look healthier and younger . Through the Treatment , the skin’s appearance is revitalized with improved skin texture . The peel eliminates the top skin layer , unveiling newer, younger , looking skin . 


Is black peel a painful treatment ?

Black peel is a safe and harmless, non -painful  chemical peel that exfoliates your skin properly . It comprises active components like jasmonic acid or salicylic acid rich in anti-inflammatory properties . This form of acne treatment not only doesn’t remove acne from the skin’s surface , but also prevents future acne formation .

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