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Whiteheads Removal Treatment

Whiteheads Removal Treatment

Whiteheads are a very common skin issue that is mostly visible on your face , neck ,back and chest . Whiteheads are most common among adolescents , but they might occur at any stage . Whiteheads might be a small or common form of acne but  you don;t have to live with them , if you don’t want to . This particular Write -Up will help you on How to get rid of Whiteheads with proven and effective Acne Treatments at Kotil skincare clinic . Having full knowledge on what constitutes whiteheads and how to treat and prevent them will form the core of this Write -up .

Annoying Whiteheads ? Know More about Whiteheads Meaning 

Whiteheads are an accumulation of dead cells with a single pore covered with a thick film of skin . In simple terms , acne whiteheads are a common type of skin inflammation that occurs due to :

  • Excess of sebum build up 
  • Keratin trapped under the skin surface . 
  • Fluctuations on hormones 
  • Increase in skin bacteria . 

Popping whiteheads are a bit complicated skin problems similar to breakouts . Whiteheads often occur due to poor skincare , hygiene, excess usage of make -up or hormonal fluctuation .

Five Recommended Treatments for Whiteheads Available at Kotil skincare clinic

The following are some of the most commonly used Professional Treatments for Whiteheads at Kotils clinic such as : 

Hydra facial –The Hydra facial available at the clinic is the perfect solution for those who want to treat Skin problems like whiteheads . It is the most minimally invasive treatment and is exclusively personalised by the professionals as per an individual;s skin problem or needs . The treatment works via cleansing of your skin and eliminates any impurities or dead skin cells that might have accumulated over time . 

LED phototherapy –This Treatment is best at targeting the bacteria that might cause skin breakouts . It’s a natural and non -invasive procedure . The treatment is primarily based on Photo Dynamic Therapy (PDT ) and effectively kills the bacteria that is responsible for causing problems like acne , whiteheads and blackheads .  

Chemical peel –The highly experienced medical staff of kotil will tailor made the Treatment to act in accordance with an individual’s skin care needs . A chemical peel as a solution is applied to the skin ,usually on the face , neck and hands to help enhance the skin concern you are grappling with . The chemical peel will help to remove dead skin cells and damaged skin from the Top skin layer thereby promoting healthy new cell growth . 


Laser resurfacing- The laser Treatment targets and treats all kinds of acne or acne scarring . The laser being employed penetrates deep inside the skin to treat the sebaceous gland . This subsequently helps to create sebum that might cause blockages inside hair follicles which leads to acne and spots . To provide the best results , the treatment uses a combination of ablative and non -ablative laser wavelengths and vacuum technology to extract the dirt that is blocking the dirt . 

Microdermabrasion – In this Treatment , a dermatologist makes use of a specialised instrument to properly ‘’sand’’ your skin . Eliminating the Top layers of your skin helps to unclog the pores that cause whiteheads . The Exfoliation Treatment reduces the appearance of whiteheads creating a smoother look to the skin’s surface  . It is also effective to minimise shallow scarring acne breakouts often left behind .

How to Prevent WhiteHeads with Kotil skin science professional Treatments ? 

Most of the professional grade medical treatments recommended by Kotils clinic offer the best customised immediate treatments for blackheads removal .The clinical Treatments work best to prevent future whiteheads Breakouts and maintain optimal skin health . 

Keeping in mind the fact that everyone has different skin concerns or goals , the kotil skin specialists recommend or determine which whitehead acne treatment is best for your skin and age ,so that you can book an appointment with the specialists without any hassle at the clinic as soon as possible . 


A Note From kotil clinic on Whiteheads 

Whiteheads is a common skin problem that affects the majority of people , mostly adolescents . As it is mostly found among adolescents , many people attribute whiteheads as a natural transition process from childhood to adulthood . However , despite being such similarity , they might have a severe impact on mental health . If you notice signs of anxiety or symptoms due to whiteheads , immediately schedule your appointment with Kotil service provider .

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How do I permanently get rid of whiteheads ?

Gentle face cleansing twice a Day is essential to prevent whiteheads . Exfoliation regularly helps to eliminate dead skin cells that might clog pores and lead to whiteheads .


Which is the best treatment for whiteheads ?

Retinols  help to regulate the shedding of the hair follicle that help to minimise the oil production that contributes to the accumulation of these dead skin cells and proteins .


Is a dermatologists effective in removing whiteheads ?

For experienced Dermatologists , acne extraction is the safest way to get rid of black heads and whiteheads .


Is aloe vera effective to remove Whiteheads ?

Mixed with some drops of lemon , Aloe vera gel might help to minimise the whitehead-breakouts completely .


How to get rid of whiteheads permanently or naturally ?

Honey , aloe vera , tea tree oil ,coconut oil are some of the highly recommended home cum natural remedies to get rid of whiteheads .

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