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Yellow Peel Treatment In Delhi

Yellow Peel Treatment In Delhi

Yellow Peel Treatment In Delhi is a process that is done in rounds continuously to eliminate pigmentation on the skin. It is a quick recovery peel and is an excellent choice for individuals who prefer minimal or zero downtime. This is a simple treatment method that brings the same benefits as more aggressive chemical peels. Yellow peel is mostly retinoid-based acid Treatment. Each of its ingredients does a specific set of actions that add up to the overall yellow peel impact.

Why do you need Yellow Peel Treatment In Delhi at  Kotil skin care clinic?

 Kotil Skin Care Clinic with its wide range of Anti-pigmentation solutions offers the best yellow peel Treatment. Kotil specialists provide users with the Best Technology and techniques to make sure that they get the desired results fast. The Treatment helps in improving blood circulation and minimising scars immediately. The peel contains antibacterial and antioxidant properties to improve overall skin quality by improving elasticity and increased collagen production.

How does yellow peel work 

Yellow peel works at a deep cellular level, influencing the action of sensors and receptors.

Each of the key ingredients like kojic, phytic, and azelaic acids is infused with antibacterial and antioxidant properties. 

Each ingredient has a unique way of Intervening in enzymatic processes, to effectively inhibit the synthesis of melanin and its transfer to the skin surface. 

Stabilized vitamin C stimulates the synthesis of neo-collagen while also contributing to its anti-oxidizing properties. 

While the cellular process seems very complex, yellow peel is a relatively simple and harmless Treatment. 

Steps involved in Yellow peel Treatment 

The Kotil practitioners follow the underlying stages of Yellow Peel Treatment In Delhi such as : 

The skin is thoroughly cleansed with a pre-peel and rinsed off with water. 

the practitioners apply Alpha and Beta complex Gel to the skin. The mixture is rinsed off in 30 to 60 seconds. 

Now yellow peel mask is applied and left on the skin for 30 minutes. 

Another layer is applied after the previous layer is washed off. 

Another -previous layer procedure is repeated 4-5 times and after that, the post-peel recovery Protection is applied. 

    Benefits of Yellow Peel Treatment In Delhi at kotil 

    Yellow peel Treatment in kotil is said to be very effective and is especially a soft treatment with the effects of harsh chemical procedures: 

    The peel penetrates deep down the skin and helps it to react. 

    Each and every ingredient in the peel has its own unique set of benefits. 

    It aids in minimising melanin production. 

    The Treatment controls oil production and aids in the growth of new skin cells. 

    It leads to the secretion of new collagen and also has anti-inflammatory properties. 

    Post -Treatment care Guidelines for yellow peel 

    For 2 hours after the treatment, do not wash your face. 

    After 2 hours have elapsed, wash the face with cotton-dipped in warm water , post which a gentle face wash might be required. 

    Following 3 -4 days after the treatment, Apply hydrocortisone as post-peel recovery if the effect of the peel is intense. 

    Stay away from the sun and keep applying sunscreen. 

    Drink a lot of water and maintain healthy skin. 

    Take a sound sleep for the skin to heal and absorb the nutrients. 

    Do not use cosmetics that contain chemicals. 

    Use broad-spectrum sunblock with SPF 30 or higher. 

    Side Effects of Yellow Peel Treatment 

    There are little to no side effects from the treatment, still keep the following considerations in mind : 

    Individuals with sensitive skin might feel irritations. 

    Redness might occur due to harsh feeling 

    The skin might be extremely Dry and tight, if not moisturized properly. 

    One might be allergic to certain ingredients in the peel. 

    The treatment might fail to show the desired results, due to lack of proper aftercare. 

    What you can look forward to 

    You can confidently take your step toward skin rejuvenation with Kotil Skincare Clinic. The clinic successfully addresses all your skin concerns with scientific research-backed Clinical Treatments. Yellow peel forms a constituent element amongst the wide array of anti-pigmentation solutions offered by the clinic. The experienced dermatologists using a wealth of experience and rich knowledge in medical aesthetics strive to offer the best 100 percent satisfactory skin peeling treatments to the clients. 

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    What kind of yellow peel is used by dermatologists?

    Retinoid acid peel is being widely used by Dermatologists that effectively cleanse the skin. Contains anti-inflammatory effects, making skin glow, and enhancing skin texture and structure.


    Is Yellow Peel Treatment In Delhi in nature?

    Yellow peel aimed at Pigmentation reduction. But might recur if you do not take good care of your skin. Sun protection, here, is very important and unless you use a good broad-spectrum sunscreen, there will be a recurrence of Pigmentation .


    What not to do after yellow peel?

    The skin gets more delicate after a peel, so avoid direct sun exposure, which might lead to more visible signs of skin ageing.


    What is the purpose of using yellow peel?

    Sun damage helps to enhance the appearance of sun-damaged skin, including fine lines, wrinkles, and discoloration caused due to UV rays, and also aids in the reversal of sun damage.


    How many sessions of yellow peel is required?

    The number of sessions needed might vary as per the individual’s skin problems . It requires 3-6 treatments , in -between 2-4 weeks apart to get the  optimal results. 

    Kotil Skincare Clinic with state-of-the-art skin care techniques satisfies the user’s search. Kotil represents a paradigm shift in people’s growing consciousness about beauty and health.


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