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Permanent Full Arm Hair Removal (Laser Treatment)

Get rid of unwanted hair across your arms, then, do avail the Permanent Full Arm Hair Removal treatment at Kotil. The treatment performed using lasers, removes hair from both the arms, lending a silky and shiny touch to your skin.

Permanent Underarm (Laser Treatment)

Want break from permanent methods of waxing, threading, and tweezing that offer no permanent respite from unwanted underarm hair. Then, avail the permanent Underarm treatment at Kotil clinic. Under it, the practioners would direct the laser under the armpit area.

Silky & Shiny Hair Treatment

To make your hair soft and smooth, the Kotil clinic offers silky and shiny hair treatment on the basis of hair type, chemical ingredients and budget. Permanent chemical Hair straightening, keratin Treatment and Hair Botox are some of the examples of silky and shiny Hair Treatment.

Eyebrow Microblading

Eyebrow Microblading is a cosmetic tattooing process that effectively fills in thin eyebrow areas to make them look fuller. This procedure offered by Kotil is most preferred by people with thin eyebrows.

Permanent Full Legs Hair Removal (Laser Treatment)

Permanent full legs Hair Removal using the most advanced laser Technology helps you to get rid of tedious, consuming and painful methods of waxing or shaving your legs.

Permanent Upper Lip Hair Removal (Laser Treatment)

It is the most common choice for women customers who want to get rid of unwanted and noticeable hair on upper parts of the chin on a permanent basis. The Kotil clinic offers premium quality laser upper lip hair removal treatment.

Anti Hair Dandruff Treatment

The Kotil clinic offers customized, world –class anti-dandruff treatments to target your scalp effectively and aids you to get rid of fungal infections and dandruff.

Permanent Eyebrow (Laser Treatment)

Witness the rapid advancements in laser technology, with permanent eyebrow laser Treatment performed at Kotil skin care clinic. It helps you to get perfectly sculpted eyebrows that are neatly crafted and pretty attractive.

Burnt Hair Recovery Treatment

Are you bothered by Dryness, Limp strands, or strong pungent burnt smell in your hair? The Kotil specialists have the best solutions for you via Burnt Hair Recovery Treatment.  Here, Users get two stage proteins cum professional treatment to restore the burnt hair.

Damaged Hair Recovery Treatment

Excessive Heat styling, colouring can make your hair susceptible to damage or breakages. A keratin Hair Treatment offered by Kotil helps to smoothen and strengthen damaged Hair.

Eyebrow Growth Treatment

Want to get perfectly shaped eyebrows, or if you have thin eyebrow patches, Brown lamination is a great Treatment offered by Kotil to create fuller and fluffier looking eyebrows.

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