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Best Melasma Treatment In Delhi

Best Melasma Treatment In Delhi

Melasma is a chronic skin problem that causes dark brown marks on the skin that includes the face, neck, shoulders ,chest or forearms. Although, both men and women, are susceptible to developing melasma. In 90 per cent of the cases, women are the main sufferers.  Women who are pregnant and have darker skin complexion are more likely to develop melasma. Several skin care clinics offer customized Best Melasma Treatment In Delhi using state of the art medical equipment and Treatment therapies. 

Melasma Meaning and Causes 

Melasma is a kind of Hyperpigmentation that causes dark brown or grey discoloration on the skin, most commonly on the face. It is a harmless skin disease but its continuation or persistence might make it quite challenging to treat. Chloasma or mask of pregnancy is another term for melasma. Sun exposure is the most common risk factor for melasma. 

Hormonal changes, excess production of melanin due to malfunction of the melanocytes, several irritating skincare products, genetics or a family history related to Pigmentation. All these are some of the leading factors behind Pigmentation. The typical signs and symptoms of melasma include freckle-like spots, Flat patches of brown,  grey or blue colour , and diffused patches . 

Where to Find the Best Best Melasma Treatment In Delhi?

Kotil skincare Clinic is one of the glaring examples of a skincare clinic offering world –class melasma Treatments. If we talk about Melasma treatment, the clinic offers several In –office clinical procedures like chemical peels, lasers, microdermabrasion, IPL . The clinic, composed of Experienced Dermatologists provides holistic melasma treatments customized to fulfil each individual’s unique skin or hair needs. 

So, if you are looking for the Best Melasma Treatment In Delhi, Contact Kotil skincare clinic. The top dermatologists and cosmetologists at the clinic will help you to treat all kinds of skincare problems with ease and minus any hassle. 

How is Melasma diagnosed at the Kotil clinic?

The Kotil skin experts diagnose melasma through visual examination. 

At times, a biopsy is necessary as melasma resembles other skin problems. While undergoing biopsy, a small area of the skin is checked thoroughly for melasma. 

Dermatologists use wood’s light method for visualising the skin to detect melasma. 

What is the Best Melasma Treatment In Delhi at Kotil?

The kotil skincare Clinic using the best of technology offers the underlying best treatments for melasma such as: 

Chemical peels –Chemical peeling for melasma Removal is the well-known treatment for Melasma. Peels in the treatment are extremely useful agents for Melasma Removal both as sole treatment and as part of combination treatment. Kotil Dermatologists highly recommend Glycolic acid and kojic acid as part of the best chemical peels Treatment. There are three kinds of chemical peels like superficial peels, chemical peels, and deep peels to offer the best customized melasma treatment.


Microdermabrasion –Microdermabrasion is one of the effective melasma treatments. It is a highly recommended treatment for melasma as it eliminates and renews the surface level of the skin. Another advantage of this melasma Treatment is that it needs minimal downtime. This in turn, enables you to resume your day –to –day activities on an immediate basis after the Procedure. 

Laser resurfacing –Laser is an exceptional method for treating melasma. Laser resurfacing is a facial rejuvenation process that uses lasers to help enhance skin texture and prevent melasma. The laser beams of light penetrate deep inside the skin and cause the darkened or discoloured skin to flake or fall off after the Treatment. Ablative and Non –ablative are the two kinds of lasers that dermatologists often recommend as per individual needs. 

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) –IPL or photo facial is the best treatment method for Melasma. The Treatment uses a spectrum of wavelengths that paves the way for the penetration of different levels of the skin and work to target both epidermal and dermal melasma at the same time. It also emerges as one of the best alternatives to topical creams or chemical peels Treatment. 

Benefits of Best Melasma Treatment In Delhi at kotil skincare clinic 

All the aforestated Melasma Treatment at Kotils , offer the below –listed unique sets of benefits : 

  1. Most effective and non –invasive Treatment 
  2. Painless and non –surgical process 
  3. Works to offer flawless and radiant skin 
  4. Dermatologists tested and clinically proven 


The Best Melasma Treatment In Delhi is not just limited to being dependent upon a certain set of clinical procedures. The best dermatologists at kotil clinic, in fact, recommend one –stop comprehensive approach for solving melasma. The best treatment must involve the perfect blend of topical medications, clinical Treatments and the essential sun protective measures. Still, turning to the clinical procedures is always considered the best approach , so as to arrive at the most safe and suitable solutions as per your skin type  or  the intensity of the melasma problem concerned . 

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What is the Best Melasma Treatment In Delhi?

The most widely used Treatments for melasma includes skin lightening medications that you tend to apply topically . For example, hydroquinone, Azelaic acid , Kojic acid , niacinamide , and tranexamic acid . 


How many sessions is required to eliminate melasma ?

Three to four sessions spaced about 30 days apart would yield the greatest results . You might get to see full results in 3 to 6 months. You might also require follow up treatment to the best and 100 per cent satisfactory results out of melasma treatment. 


How do I remove melasma permanently?

As per a person’s case history, melasma might fade on its own . It might be permanent or it may respond to treatment within a few months. Most melasma cases will fade away over time and especially with Good protection from sunlight and other light sources. 


Is retinol effective to remove melasma?

Retinol is effective to treat melasma and dark spots .   The only exception lies in case of those having sensitive skin . 


How do I remove melasma at home?

Aloe vera gel , lemon juice , black tea , turmeric , tomato are some of the best expert backed home remedies to remove melasma at home effectively . 

Kotil Skincare Clinic with state-of-the-art skin care techniques satisfies the user’s search. Kotil represents a paradigm shift in people’s growing consciousness about beauty and health.


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