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LED Face Glowing

LED Face Glowing

Discover your perfect partner in your ongoing battle against ageing and wrinkled skin . Formulated to focus on the individual skin concerns , LED Facial treatments treat everything from rosacea , inflammation and fine lines , to Hyperpigmentation , sagging skin or acne . The Treatment is ideal for all skin Types , including sensitive skin as it is non -invasive and is free from chemicals . 

Kotil skincare clinic with its wide range of customised Facial Treatments offer LED facials as the newest secret for beautiful and glowing skin . The Kotil practitioners use different LED Wavelengths to help in treating acne  and acne scars , Minimizing inflammation, and promoting anti-ageing effects . If you have any of these skincare problems , you might consider yourself a candidate for LED facials .

What is LED Face Glowing Treatment ?

LED Face Glowing Treatment is a non -invasive skincare Treatment  for minimizing fine lines , wrinkles and acne . The Treatment uses LED Light of different colours to penetrate the skin at varying depths , stimulating collagen or cell production , leading to glowing and youthful skin appearance . The three primary colours used in LED light therapy facials are Red , Blue and Green . 

As a non -invasive beauty treatment , LED therapy promotes cellular growth and repair and provides you with healthy , glowing skin . LED Face Glowing as it sounds is super innovative as it is a crucial skincare tool to address all your self-care needs .

LED facials Procedure at kotil skincare clinic

The LED light therapy Treatment cum Facial process lasts for about 30 minutes . As a client , you will be provided safety goggles to wear to protect your eyes from the LED lights . After the treatment , you might resume your daily activities as there is Zero downtime . To provide the best results , the treatment can be used in combination with other facials to provide better skin rejuvenation results .

 For example , it can be combined with Microdermabrasion Treatment , to help reduce redness , inflammation and enhance skin texture . Alternatively , Microneedling -LED therapy combo might help the skin to heal faster . 

The actual procedure varies from lying down directly under the phototherapy lights to using LED -light infused wands that go over your skin. Choices of what to use between these two often come from your provider or treatment area .

Key Benefits of LED Face Glowing Treatment 

LED face glowing Treatment contains the Underlying following benefits such as : 

Improves skin elasticity and promotes collagen production . 

Lessens’ appearance of fine lines and wrinkles . 

Minimise inflammation and redness on the face . 

Eliminate the appearance of dark spots . 

Improves Hyperpigmentation and uneven skin tone . 

Removes skin bacteria 

LED facials side effects and risks 

In general , LED facials are considered  a safer form of Light therapy that does not show or cause long term skin destruction . This treatment is also the non -invasive type only with certain risks . 

In total contrast to other invasive processes , like laser therapy , LED facials are completely safe and don’t cause skin burn and cause pain . 

Still LED facials have certain risks that users should keep in mind such as inflammation and redness . 

How long does LED therapy take to work ? 

The Skin will tend to look brighter immediately after the Treatment but you will require more than one LED therapy session to get the desired results . Typically , 6 to 10 sessions of treatment with intervals of one to two weeks in between are recommended . Once your Treatment session gets over , the results will last for about six months to a year .

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How long does it take from LED light therapy to see results ?

Some patients would see results in as little as one month . But these results continue to enhance with time .


What not to do after LED light therapy ?

Sun exposure for 5-10 days , Waxing hair removal -avoid for 14 days , Facial treatments – avoid for 14 days , exercise avoid 24 hours .


How many LED treatments to see results ?

For optimal results , avail 4-6 LED Light therapy Treatments at 2 sessions weekly .

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