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Carbon Laser Peel Treatment

Carbon Laser Peel Treatment

Carbon Laser Peel Treatment also termed Carbon facial, has gained immense popularity in the aesthetic industry. The Treatment is mainly used to treat acne and enhance oily skin. Another important aspect associated with it is its synonym ‘’China doll peel’’ as it gives your skin a doll-like finish. It is a resurfacing facial Treatment to treat dead or infected skin using laser beam light. 

Popular with celebrities, the carbon peel is a two-part treatment that instantly minimizes skin concerns like acne and Pigmentation and leaves the skin visibly brighter, clearer, and smoother. Best for Christmas parties, there is no better way to give your skin the perfect Winter glow! To know more about this fantastic, Non-invasive treatment and Why Kotil Skin Science is the best place to have it.

What is carbon peel and how does it work?

Carbon Laser Peel Treatment is basically a two-stage Treatment. During the first stage, a carbon layer liquid is applied to the skin and it is left there to be absorbed into the skin fully in the various skin layers. The second part of the Treatment removes the carbon lotion, using a Short pulse Q-switched laser. This laser light rejuvenates the skin by eliminating the dead skin layer along with carbon particles. 

Meanwhile, the skin also receives deep exfoliation during this stage, thereby making carbon peel 4 times stronger than any other peel in the Market. This in turn leaves the skin considerably brighter and smoother in tone and texture. The Treatment takes approximately 30 minutes and the effects are visible straight away.

Who is the Right candidate for Carbon Peel? 

 This is a very crucial thing that you should know before availing of the Carbon peel Treatment. Let the Kotil skin specialist analyze this for you. Even If you have oily skin, you will not be recommended for carbon peel, if want to do it immediately. So, the best time to meet your dermatologist is at least 7 days before you plan to get your session of carbon peel facial.

How is carbon peel performed at Kotil skincare clinic ? 

Before commencing the Treatment, you will have an in-depth talk with Kotil’s skin specialists to prepare a personalized treatment plan. The Treatment plan is formulated as per an assessment of the treatment area as well as medical History. Client safety and concern are the twin ideals that guide the personalized Treatment services of Kotil Skincare Clinic. 

Before the commencement of the laser part, the practitioners clean the skin and then apply a thin layer of carbon paste onto the face. This aids in quickly absorbing any contaminants from inside the pores and exfoliates the skin, while also minimizing inflammation from any blemishes. 

The practitioners then direct the lasers onto the skin’s surface, which instantly breaks down the carbon and absorbs any impurities owing to the warming effect of the laser. The practitioners pass the laser over the face a few times , to gently remove the carbon mask with a short pulse Q-switched laser. 

The Best Four benefits of Carbon Laser Peel Treatment

Carbon peel Treatment offers several benefits. Some of them can be highlighted below : 

  1. Cleansing -carbon absorbs oil deep inside the skin‘s pores and the laser combination further helps to take off the absorbed material with it. 
  2. Rejuvenating -carbon peel also exerts a Rejuvenating effect to stimulate collagen production under a  deep skin layer. This produces plumper skin and minimizes wrinkles. 
  3. Exfoliating – As carbon is penetrated by a laser . This clears the dead skin cells, and blackheads and drastically exfoliates the skin. 
  4. Oil minimization and acne – The heat released by laser contains dual benefits. First, it reduces bacteria responsible for acne or pimples. Second, it also minimizes the size of oil-producing glands, to prevent acne. 

Post-carbon peel Treatment care guidelines 

Although users might experience slight redness after Treatment, this will clear up within a few hours and might be treated with some aloe vera gel. Results can be improved with minimal sun exposure, stress reduction, and the absence of smoking. Users are recommended to use  SPF 50 sunscreen to protect the Treatment areas for at least 1 month following the Treatment, as failure to do so might lead to Hyperpigmentation. To address any further concerns, please feel free to call Kotil customer care for further help and advice. 

Why choose a carbon peel over a chemical peel? 

The main point of preference lies in safety and reactions . Carbon peels include a carbon mask that removes the skin’s impurities, chemical peels require higher concentrations of varying acids, resulting in downtime as the skin tries to recover from redness and swelling. 

The carbon peel is also better for those with sensitive skin, not only owing to the treatment process but also its effects on the skin . The carbon peel renews the skin using heat generated through laser treatment whereas the chemical peels tend to get similar results through a chemical reaction. Moreover, those susceptible to breakouts and eczema would also find carbon peel kinder to their skin as well. 

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Is carbon peel good for skin?

A carbon peel can effectively target the look of melasma and hyperpigmentation . The treatment also improves the skin’s texture and elasticity. 


How many sessions of carbon peel are required?

3 to 5 treatments over a period of 2 to 3 months with a booster treatment every six months is advised for best results.


Is carbon peel effective in removing tan?

The treatment is best to remove the sun damage effect and helps you to restore your skin glow again. After taking carbon Facial Treatment, the tanning sign cannot reside anymore.


Is carbon peel suitable for dark skin?

The treatment is suitable for all ages and skin types and might lighten age spots and brown spots, and minimize the appearance of wrinkles and pores.


What not to do before carbon peel?

Before carbon peel, you must avoid tanning or heavy sun exposure. 

Kotil Skincare Clinic with state-of-the-art skin care techniques satisfies the user’s search. Kotil represents a paradigm shift in people’s growing consciousness about beauty and health.


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