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Agripeels eyes and Lips

Agri peels eyes and Lips

If You are irritated by fine lines around your eyes or lips or dark spots or circles ,Agri peels eyes and Lips Treatment might be the right choice for you  ! . It is also the best flash Treatment with minimal downtime to improve the Dark parts of Eyes and Lips before you head for a party ! . 

Who is a good candidate for Agri peels eyes and Lips ? 

If you are facing any of the Following skin problems , you might be a good candidate for the eye and Lip peel : 

  1. Fine lines in your eyes that crinkle during a smile . 
  2. Dark patches or dark spots under your eyes . 
  3. Fine lines surrounding your Mouth . 
  4. Lip borders that you would like to be visible as more defined . 
  5. Regions of uneven skin tone and Pigmentation . 

Get the best Agri peels eyes and Lips Treatment at kotil skincare clinic

Avail the chance to soften and reduce your lines and wrinkles around eyes and Lips without the need of any surgery . 

Kotil skincare clinic is one of the first clinics to offer the best Agri peels eyes and Lips service to refresh and rejuvenate the ageing effects on the eyes and lips . 

In other words, the agri peels Eyes and Lips Treatment is a gel-driven skin remodeling solution that is specially designed for this sensitive part such as Darker skin types. 

Office Procedure of Agri peels eyes and Lips At Kotil clinic 

The Clients will be asked to remove any makeup from their Eyes and lips and the parts to be treated will be cleansed through a preparatory solution . 

A Single layer of peel solution will then be applied to each area for 1 to 3 minutes . Up to 4 layers might be applied , you might get a mild tingling or heat sensation during the treatment . 

After the application of the desired layers , the Treatment will be finished by soothing the skin minus a neutralising agent . 

Here are the benefits of Agri Peels eyes and Lips Procedure

  1. Lightens Dark circles and under Eye bags . 
  2. No more visible crow’s feet and laughter lines . 
  3. Increases Lip volume . 
  4. Little or no downtime – Get the Treatment during your everyday schedule . 
  5. Non -invasive and pain free . 
  6. Evens  the skin tone and reduces pout lines . 

What results to Expect 

Agri peels Eyes and lips Treatment at kotils clinic is a skin remodelling solution designed to target the eyes and lip parts . It prevents finelines close to the eyes and Lip area . Immediately after the procedure , the skin might sting but the stinging sensation would subside within a few hours . The Treated parts might be slightly red and this would fade in a few days . The Kotil Dermatologists would recommend the use of a good moisturizer to help keep the skin hydrated after the Treatment .

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Which is the best peel for dark circles ?

Agri Peels eyes and Lips are the best peel for dark circles . Interestingly , it also doubles up as the best instant party glow peel .


Is it possible to have the Eye and Lip peel during the lunch break ?

The Eye and Lip peel takes nearly around 20 minutes and you might immediately need to apply Make up following the peel .


How do Lip peels help in treating fine lines ?

With the essential series of 3 to 6 treatments . The Lip peel enhances the tone and texture of your skin , minimizing fine lines around your mouth , providing you a more youthful appearance .


Is the Eye peel best to reduce dark spots ?

With a series of 3-6 treatments , spaced over 2 weeks apart , eye peels help to minimise the dark spots or dark circles under the eyes .


What is the use of Eye and lip Treatments ?

The eye and Lip Treatment rejuvenates the skin of the eye and Lip part area . The treatment is shorter,  targeted , and works to minimise wrinkles , signs of ageing , and brightens the area .

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