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Chin Implant

Chin Implant

As per the general rule, plastic surgeons ensure that the bottom one-third of the face is asymmetrical to the top two-thirds for a perfect aesthetic appearance. Since the chin is an important aspect of the face, a person might desire a chin implant to get a more defined or prominent contour of the chin to enhance overall appearance.

Meaning Of Chin Implant 

Also known as genioplasty, a Chin implant enhances the contours of the chin, neck, and jawline. The Process Typically involves placing an implant around a patient’s existing chin bone to increase the size and shape of the chin and get a more naturally attractive balance between facial Features. The chin implant surgery will not completely alter the appearance. The method instead defines the jaw by working on the natural structural anatomy of the face.

 What is the best way to Proceed with a chin surgery?

If you are thinking of a chin implant, the first initial step is to get in touch with a certified skincare clinic. Here, we will take the reference,  Of kotil Skincare Clinic, which is equipped with modern equipment and broad spectrum Dermatlogists to provide the perfect Chin Implant Treatment. The typical stages before commencing the chin surgery involve: 

  1. Preliminary consultation where the surgeon of Kotil clinic will do a thorough research of medical history and also assess the person’s mental and emotional attitude toward the surgery. 
  2. After that , the surgeons or staff members of Kotil will take photographs, so the surgeon can do a thorough study of the person; ‘s facial features and chin. 
  3. In this stage, the surgeon would assess the person for conditions of High blood pressure, scarring tendency, smoking, or any sort of deficiency in blood clotting. 
  4. At the final stage, if a client in consultation with the surgeon agrees to proceed with the surgery, The surgeon will discuss the kind of technique, anesthesia type to be used, The surgical cum medical facilities where the process would take place, or additional procedures needed to optimize results.

How is chin implant surgery done at Kotil skincare clinic?

Chin Implant surgery is generally performed using local anesthesia. Once the person is under anesthesia, the surgeon resumes the process by either making an incision in the natural crease line just inside the person’s chin. This incision works to create space for the chin implant and fits in perfectly around the chin bone. 

The Entire chin implant surgery usually takes less than 1 hour to perform but in case of additional procedures, such as chin filler or chin fat grafting,  operating time would increase. After the surgery, the surgeons close the incision through sutures and the chin might be bandaged.

What  Results to Expect After Chin Implant Surgery? 

As part of the immediate step after surgery, the surgeon usually applies a dressing that would remain in place for 2-3 days. The person post-surgery might see some tenderness and the surgeon might prescribe medications to deal with post-operative discomfort. 

The person might also need to follow the prescribed diet of liquids or soft foods for a few days after the process. So, chewing would also be restricted after chin surgery. 

 In approximately, six weeks, most swelling will be gone and the person will start  to see the results of the process . 

In most cases, Chin Implant surgery can be resumed after approximately 10 days. 

Footnotes from Kotil Skincare Clinic 

A Chin implant is basically a surgical process to enhance the size of your chin. The Process involves a flexible silicon implant. The process helps add definitions and balance to the chin and jawline . It’s a low-risk cosmetic process. Some people also avail chin implants along with other procedures like rhinoplasty or facelift.

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Is Chin implant surgery useful?

Certain facial features might make you look several years younger than you are. So, a chin implant is a great way to get a youthful appearance. Not only does it improve the facial structure, but it also smooths skin.


For How long does a chin implant last?

The results are permanent and a chin implant may last for a a lifetime. The implant might be removed if needed .


What are the side effects of chin surgery?

Patients might see tightness in the skin for nearly three weeks while the skin adjusts to the implants.


Is chin implant surgery a painless process?

Patients experience moderate pain during Chin implant surgery. In some cases, the patient might experience inflammation or swelling in the area surrounding the incision.


What is the process for chin implant ?

The surgeon perform the process by making a cut inside mouth along the lower gum . This provides the suregon access to the chin bone .

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