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Experience the second most common cosmetic process performed worldwide. A permanent laser hair removal treatment to get rid of unwanted hair!

Getting hair-free skin is everyone’s cherished dream. The options for hair removal treatments are many. Laser hair removal is one of the most preferre methods of getting rid of unwanted hair, as it is a fully safe procedure with little downtime.

Laser hair removal is one of the most technically advance methods of removing body hair. As it makes use of the latest available technology, there is a widespread misconception that it is expensive.

Generally speaking, laser hair removal treatment is a non-invasive aesthetic process that uses a highly concentrated beam of laser light to invade the hair follicles.

The pigment found in the hair follicles tends to absorb the laser energy and damage the stem cells, preventing future hair growth. 

Once termed exotic and within reach of a privileged few. Permanent hair removal treatment is now the preferred or must-have priority option of every doctor practicing clinical dermatology.

Hair Removal with Laser Treatment in Delhi

The Kotil skincare clinic introduces the Hair Removal with Laser in Delhi treatment so that there is no need for you to spend hours in the salon every month just to get hair-free skin!

Most people with dark hair and light skin are rate as good candidates for laser hair removal. Since laser technology primarily works by targeting the melanin pigment of the hair, dark-colored hair is easily targeted and destroyed.

This article on Hair Removal with Laser Treatment in Delhi. Remove Hair Permanently focuses on the benefits of permanent hair removal. What is permanent full-arm hair removal (laser treatment), how the procedure or treatment works. The benefits of permanent hair removal, and a brief and special insight on Laser treatment to Remove Facial hair.

Meaning of permanent full arm hair removal (laser treatment)?

It is quite difficult to remove hair from full arms, but certified skin care professionals at Kotil Skin Science have made it possible. 

The full-arm laser treatment removes unwanted hair. It encompasses both arms, from beneath the deltoid down to the wrist. Laser treatments are quite compatible with hair that is actively growing.

How does permanent full-arm hair removal (Laser Treatment in Delhi) procedure work?

This treatment solely works on the principle of selective photothermolysis. The process employs a wavelength of specific length and pulse duration to derive the optimal result on the targeted hair follicles. Some patients might need touch sessions after finishing the complete cycle of sittings. The brief and precise steps involve in the treatment can be described as follows:

  1. The laser beam initially penetrates the epidermal skin layer and then the hair follicles. 
  1. Lasers tend to get absorbe by the hair shaft, and heat is produced around the hair follicles owing to their high beam intensity. 
  1. Generated heat destroys the hair follicles and inhibits hair growth, resulting in hair-free skin in the targeted area. 

Key benefits of Hair Removal with Laser Treatment in Delhi  

Following are some of the top combined reasons that make Permanent hair Removal or Laser treatment to Remove Facial hair or Hair Removal with Laser in Delhi the preferr options for removing hair in target areas:

  1. Hair removal lasers offer accurate and safe hair removal 
  1. In 5–6 sessions, it drastically reduces hair growth, providing smoother, softer skin.
  1. Affordable and savings-oriented laser full-arm hair removal packs or laser treatment to remove facial hair are available. 
  1. The laser treatments are relatively pain-free, fast, and smooth.
  1. The best part is that there is less downtime. It is possible to get the treatment done during your lunch break and resume your day as usual. 

Pre- and post-care guidelines of permanent full arm hair removal (laser treatment)

Kotil skin science ensures the best service and safety of each consumer with the help of underlying pre and post -care guidelines : 

  1. Do not pluck or wax your hair while you undergo hair reduction treatment.
  1. Do not forget to apply post-care ointments as recommended by Kotil experts.
  1. As stated in the benefits segment, in cases of dense or fast regrowth, A maintenance touch-up session is require every 6–12 months.
  1. Avoid direct sun contact for a minimum of 4-6 weeks before and after the procedure.

A brief insight on Laser treatment to Remove Facial hair

Along with full arms permanent laser hair removal treatment. Laser treatment to remove facial hair is another addition to the growing list of permanent laser hair removal solutions or treatments at Kotil Skin Care Clinic.

Laser facial hair removal works by directing the radiation to specifically chosen sites at the root hair level that is in phases of active growth. Any area on the face might be treated for hair reduction except for the eyelids, eyebrows, and surrounding areas. You can expect permanent solutions after 3–7 sessions with laser hair removal on the face or anywhere else.

The treatment is done by directing a wavelength of 300 to 1200 nm to the root of the hair follicles that are to be remove. Melanin tends to absorb light in the same range and get damage due to the heat generated.

In conclusion: Hair Removal with Laser Treatment in Delhi – Remove Hair Permanently

If excessive hair on your arms and face is a growing aesthetic concern for you. Consult an experience doctor today at the kotils Clinic. The dermatologists have the expertise to deal with all sorts of laser hair removal treatments effectively. The skin care clinic is full of suitable laser hair removal packages that guarantee to provide you with the best results. That too with zero downtime and minimal side effects. 

Maintaining realistic expectations is the mainstay of laser treatment. Since it is a long-term solution, it is also cost-effective. Therefore, if you are fe up with waxing and threading, it’s time to consider laser hair removal treatment. Come and consult the kotil skin science specialist to get the most affordable and smooth delivery of laser treatment packages and make the dream of getting hair-free skin a reality.