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Discover the best remedies or treatments to repair, dull, unruly, Fragile, thinning hair and get silky, shiny hair back!

Hair imparts a unique look to a person’s overall personality or stature. Everybody wants their hair to look the best and most beautiful.

 But with alarming pollution levels, dust particles, a sedentary diet and the wrong hair styling or treatment. It gets difficult to save hair from damage.

Now, what exactly is damaged hair? Hair damage is more than just split ends, it is a kind of hair breakage leaving with freezy, unhealthy-looking hair. 

Fortunately, you can repair damaged hair, if you take good care of your hair. 

 In order to prevent the problem of damaged hair, the doctor might recommend deep conditioning, hair glaze and other suitable hair treatments. 

The article How To Repair Damaged Hair | Types, Causes, And Remedies have put together some useful treatments to help recover and repair damaged hair! Besides analyzing the elements and ingredients to make a product anti-hair damage work successfully. 

Let’s take a look at the types and causes of damaged hair 

The Problem of How To Repair Damaged Hair can be fully understood from the viewpoint of its types and causes. Some of the common types of damaged hair include: 

Dull and Dry Hair: Lacks shine and is freezy. 

Fragile hair: Split ends, easy breakage of hair. 

Thinning hair: Slow or patchy hair growth, excessive hair fall. 

Colour damage: Hair colour contains a bleaching agent and ammonia that might open the hair cuticles. 

Heat damage: Use of heat styling tools (Curling or flat irons, Blow dryer ) might fry your hair as heat tends to open the cuticles. 

Some of the main causes of damaged hair are : 

  1. Overcombing: Frequent combing weakens the root of your hair. If you comb again and again, it might damage your hair. Excessive combing weakens the root of your hair. 
  1. Prolonged sun exposure: Exposure to UV rays might be harmful to hair just like excessive heat and might affect the hair cuticles. Sun-damaged hair looks very dry and brittle.
  1. Over-styling: Over-styling of hair also makes the hair prone to damage. Tying the hairstyles into tight knots or hairstyles would put extreme pressure on the roots and make them weak. 
  1. Wrong lifestyle: adoption of the wrong lifestyle might also damage your hair like a sedentary lifestyle, excessive stress, smoking and less sleep might damage your hair. 

List of must-have ingredients to repair Damaged hair explained 

Any Good Damaged Hair Treatment Procedure must contain the below-listed Ingredients or elements that claim to treat and repair Hair damage : 

  1. Aqua – Is one of the best hydrating agents and works best on dry or brittle hair. 
  1.  1 % Piroctone olamine with added conditioning effect – works effectively against dandruff and stimulates hair growth in multiple ways. 
  1. Hyaluronic acid – Helps to reduce frizziness and prevents unwanted moisture. 
  1. D-panthenol – it has strong hydrophilic properties, which means it attracts water. 
  1. Aloe vera Extract -Acts as a hair moisturizer and works best for dry hair. 
  1. Sodium laureth sulfate – Cleans the dust and excess sebum on the scalp. 
  1. Glycerin – treats frizzy and coarse hair lacking moisture, and is prone to breakage. 
  1. Keratin – Keratin is an important protein as it gives the hair its structure. 
  1. Citric acid –   helps in balancing PH levels thereby enhancing hair’s appearance or manageability. 
  1. Dimethicone -acts as a protective layer to your hair shaft. 
  1. Redensyl 3%- provides nutrients to the scalp and hair follicles and makes hair stronger and thicker. 
  1. Procapil – Acts as a vasodilator and promotes healthy hair growth. 
  1. Lactic acid – helps to protect the hair shaft from damage, giving shinier and healthier-looking hair. 
  1. Hydrogenated castor oil: Prevents hair breakage and protects the hair structure.

Take a glance at the best hair care products/remedies to repair damaged hair 

The answer to How To Repair Damaged Hair might also lie in Hair care products comprised mainly of shampoos, conditioners and hair masks, serums etc. 

To get the best results order now GMP certified and clinically proven 

Devriz Anti-Dandruff Shampoo: With a strong blend of plant-based ingredients, this anti-dandruff shampoo contains is completely PH -balanced or has a PH close to the scalp’s PH level. It is a paraben and SLS-free shampoo that helps minimize stubborn dandruff and cures itching. This is in fact, the most scalp-friendly shampoo. 

Devriz Anti-hair loss and regrowth serum: Works to stimulate hair growth at the root by targeting the hair follicles. The product is composed of potent ingredients to boost hair growth and extend the growing period of each strand of hair, which means less shedding. 

Both the shampoo and serum strike at the root cause of the hair loss and help repair the hair cuticle. 

Words on Kotil skincare clinic and Damaged Hair Repair treatments it offers 

Kotil skincare clinic as the name suggests is a pioneer in offering skin care solutions. But at the same time, it is also an effective hub to get the best hair repair treatments. To treat damaged hair, it offers 

Keratin treatment: In a keratin treatment, The keratin protein-related formula is applied to the hair. It not only protects hair from further damage but also heals and helps to seal the already sustained breakage. The treatment is customized as per the intensity of the hair damage. In short, the Keratin treatment that reflects the feature of Kotil Skin Science  is a one-stop solution to How To Repair Damaged Hair viz :

  1. Keratin treatments impart the best look to your hair texture. 
  2. Keratin treatment would not damage your natural hair colour 
  3. Aftercare gets easier after keratin treatment. 

Final words: How To Repair Damaged Hair | Types, Causes, And Remedies

To repair damaged hair, there are varieties of options available. It is as per the customer’s needs, suitability and lifestyle choice that one tends to opt for a specific type of treatment. Incorporating good lifestyle practices with less stress, a good amount of sleep, good diet, together constitute some of the best alternatives to hair treatment. 

Thus, bidding goodbye to damaged hair is no longer a difficult task if you practice good hair care habits. In case of severe damage, you can always consult with a dermatologist or hair care specialist to get proper in-clinic personalized, hassle-free, hair care treatments. 


Which is the best-damaged hair repair treatment? 

Keratin treatment in combination with vitamin treatments, other natural home remedies, or external factors like shampoos, serums etc are the best options. 

What are the best hair oils for damaged hair? 

Lavender essential oil, lemongrass essential oil, coconut oil, Rosemary oil and argan oil are some of the best oils for hair growth. 

How long do treatments for damaged hair take to show results? 

About 6 months to a year. The use of correct hair care techniques or nourishing hair care products might help to repair damaged hair quickly. 

Does damaged hair record slow hair growth? 

Yes. Research evidence suggests that damaged hair or hair that is prone to breakage has slower growth. 

Which is the best shampoo to treat damaged hair? 

Devriz anti-dandruff shampoo is the best shampoo with a potent formulation of hair-friendly and natural ingredients.