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About Devriz night cream: your solution for pigmentation is the one-stop solution to reduce Dark spots and pigmentation. It is a revolutionary outcome of devriz healthcare to treat dark spots, uneven skin texture, and discoloration. The potent formulation of active ingredients makes it an ideal night cream for all skin types. 

Kotils skin Science take on the product – Let’s understand 

To provide the complete and best review of the product. It is essential to analyze the viewpoint of the Kotil skincare clinic that recommends this product to its esteemed customers for its effectiveness in treating dark spots and pigmentation. So, we will do a review of the product in the words of what Kotil skin science says about the product. 


Devriz night cream is a revolutionary night cream and is a breakthrough from Devriz healthcare that, according to Kotil skin professionals claims to lighten, whiten and brighten the skin. 

  1. Lightens skin tone by minimizing uneven pigmentation 
  2. Whitens by unveiling visibly fairer skin by minimizing dark spots 
  3. Brightens by enhancing skin’s radiance naturally 

 Why devriz professional night cream: Devriz night cream is a technologically advanced triple-action formulation of rare fruit and plant extracts that nourish and lighten the skin, overnight. It minimizes dark spots, dullness, and the appearance of pores. Works to improve uneven skin tone and increase skin moisture balance. The obvious result is fresh, radiant, fair skin when you wake up. The best part is that it is free from harsh chemicals having side effects. 

How does the cream work? 

Clinical trials carried out by Kotil professionals show that the underlying plant extracts lighten, whiten, and brighten the skin within 10 days of regular use. 

Mulberry extract: Is regarded as the best tyrosinase inhibitor. 

Milk enzyme: works to block melanin pathways. 

Saxifraga Extract: Might be regarded as a free radical scavenger and tyrosinase inhibition 

Grape extract: exfoliator -it helps the active ingredients to penetrate the skin. 

Simple and easy-to-use product as per Kotil 

Kotil says you can use the devriz night cream in four clear-cut procedural steps as highlighted below : 

Cleansing: The first step is to cleanse the face thoroughly, thereby eliminating major traces of makeup and impurities.

Take a pea-sized amount of the cream: Take a minimal amount of Devriz night cream and gently rub it on your forehead, cheeks, nose, and chin. 

Massage: specifically targeting pigmented areas, use an upward circular motion and massage the cream directly into the skin until it fully gets absorbed. 

Leave the cream to take effect overnight: Do not rinse or wash off the cream. Allow it to unleash its transformative skin rejuvenation power during nighttime. Also, simultaneously gives scope to the active ingredients to penetrate deep into the skin. 

Price: INR 790/- 

Net quantity: 15 g 

Product Shelf life:  counting 3 years from the date of manufacturing 

Sensitivity alert: Not sensitive to any skin type. 

Ingredients: Almond oil, D.M water, Milk enzymes, sodium lactate, Uva ursi (bearberry extract), Glycerin, Stearic acid, light liquid paraffin, wheat germ oil, Octyl methoxy Cinnamate, Lactic acid, Triter penoids, Ceto Stearyl Alcohol, Phenyl flavons (Mulberry ) Extract, Apricot, and Almond, Alpha- arbutin, fragrance, Titanium dioxide. Epigallocatechin ( grape ) . 

Consumer Experience with devriz professional night cream in Words of Kotil

The Kotil skin specialists recommend this night cream  as an aftercare treatment medication and highly appreciate the product thereby attributing its success rate amongst consumers in terms of its : 

Classy Packaging: The creme comes in a small metallic -circular golden-bordered, tub jar with all details printed over it. The tub jar is a broad base and wide mouth with a white-colored seal with a small protrusion that helps to take the cream out without any hassle. The seal prevents cream leakage, has travel-friendly packaging, and is easy to carry in handbags. 

Lightweight Texture: The cream has got a very smooth and creamy texture. It gets absorbed into the skin easily minus any patchy marks so that it does not resemble makeup. It is all-season friendly due to its smooth texture. 

Color: The color is golden white. Predominantly white informative packaging, with a circular golden open jar-shaped little cream container placed inside. The color is attractive and appealing to the users. 

Effectiveness: The product is made for long-term use. The active ingredient formulation performs best at night with the aim of skin rejuvenation and repair. It offers an instant skin glow and works to clean blemish marks and scars in the long run. 

Fragrance: The fragrance is very fresh, light, and pleasant. Most users, as per the Kotil survey, really like the flowery fragrance. The fragrance is quite captivating due to the unique blend of various botanical and herbal extracts. 

Kotils personal experience with the product: Kotil medical practitioners term the product as a harmless, lightweight night cream formulation. Favorite due to its affordable cost and easy availability. The lightweight texture of the cream leaves the skin soft, smooth, fresh, and hydrated. 

Proven results: the composition of the unique ingredient works well and provides exceptional results. Those who are actively using this product for a month or so, reported having found dark spots, blemishes, and acne marks fading out gradually. The products work so wonderfully on all skin types. Kotil specialists recommend users not expect any immediate results. The product shows results gradually and slowly. 

Final take on Devriz Cream Review for Dark Spots and Pigmentation

Overall Kotil skin specialists review the product as a useful, lightweight, non-sticky creamy remedy to get rid of dark spots and pigmentation. Provides a classy glowing look containing natural ingredients along with SPF 25 that serves the dual purpose of night repair and sunscreen. 

The devriz professional cream works as a viable fairness solution and its three unique features make it the top-recommended choice of Kotil dermatologists. Tends to spread easily on the skin, and the advanced formula allows for better delivery of active ingredients, Good for all skin types for oily and combination skin too.