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Win glowing radiance with the Best Skin Pigmentation Treatment Clinic in Delhi. Kotil skin care clinic takes pride in offering scientifically proven and customised pigmentation treatments. 



The Kotil skincare clinic is an effective and safe treatment for all kinds and severity of pigmentation and gets the best results. 



Pigmentation implies the colour of the skin due to the presence of a pigment called melanin, produced by melanocytes. 



It is medically also referred to as Hyperpigmentation. Certain factors like genetics, hormonal fluctuations, injury, allergic reactions, drug side effects, over-exposure to the sun’s UV rays and some diseases might result in the excess production of melanin. 



Pigmentation occurs in the form of dark spots or patches that often tend to vary in size and shape. 



The Kotil skincare clinic has tie-ups with other healthcare enterprises, for example, Devriz Healthcare here. It recommends some of its best skincare products to treat pigmentation from the root. 



The article on Best Skin Pigmentation Treatment Clinic in Delhi tends to highlight the main causes of pigmentation and what are the various pigmentation treatments offered at the Kotil clinic. 



Know the factors causing pigmentation in brief 



The underlying factors tend to aggravate the skin pigmentation disorder and some of them can be identified as : 



Prolonged exposure to sunlight and UV rays 



Inflammations or injuries or pigment disorders in the skin might also cause hyperpigmentation. 



Hyperpigmentation might also be caused by Celiac disease and Adison’s disease. 



Why choose the Best Skin Pigmentation Treatment Clinic in Delhi, for pigmentation removal 



Here are the top reasons to choose Kotil skincare clinic as the best centre for Pigmentation Treatment in Delhi : 



  1. Ultra-modern superior technology: Kotil Clinic is equipped with the latest technologies, especially useful for laser treatment.



  1. Highly experienced medical experts on board: The Dermatologists possess more than a decade of experience, offering customised pigmentation treatments with a broad holistic approach. 



  1. Safe protocols: The dermatologists provide extensive pre and post-care support and follow stringent guidelines for advanced treatments in a relaxed environment to optimise the results and reduce side effects. 



  1. State-of-the-art- equipment and infrastructure: Go to Kotil clinic for a seamless experience. World-class equipment helps to safeguard client comfort and privacy all through the treatment. 



What are the main pigmentation treatments offered at Kotil skincare clinic?



Best Skin Pigmentation Treatment Clinic in Delhi offers treatment to patients that are tailor-made following pigmentation needs or on the nature of pigmentation present. Laser toning and Chemical peels are the two main niche treatments offered for pigmentation. 



Laser toning:  Seasoned Dermatologists perform transformative laser treatment to reduce hyperpigmentation in Delhi equipped with cutting-edge Q switched Nd: YAG laser Technology. The specialists use laser beams of a particular wavelength to target excessive melanin debris to revive an uneven skin tone. The treatment has got no downtime and is fully safe and pain-free as well. 



Treatment niche: helps to treat tan, Pigmentary demarcation line (PDL ), chloasma, sun spots and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH ). 



Sessions: Sessions vary as per the type and pigmentation severity. Requires four to five monthly sessions on average. 



Chemical peels: Medical experts at Kotil Clinic specialised to perform customised chemical peel treatments to exfoliate the damaged layers in a controlled manner. It helps to reveal the healthy skin underneath and fade pigmented spots. Chemical peel solutions come in different concentrations and can be applied as per the patient’s specific requirements. 



Treatment areas: Chemical peels can reduce dark spots and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, amongst other concerns. 



Sessions: 4-5 recommended sessions at monthly intervals based on the pigmentation concern’s type, severity and size. 



As a consumer, do not wait any longer to regain the natural glow by availing of Pigmentation Treatment, provided at kotil skin care. 



The team can customise the best pigmentation treatment based on unique needs. 



List of top Kotil-recommended Skincare products 



Apart from the in-clinic medical treatments as highlighted above,  Kotils in a tie-up with Devriz Healthcare recommends Devriz’s finest skin care products. The top 5 recommended products to battle Pigmentation and its various kind can be highlighted below : 



1)Skin whitening Deep cleaning Facial Foam Facewash – this vitamin C enrich antioxidant nutrient-based foaming face wash works best to treat Dark spots and blemishes. This product is easy to use and easy to carry and is the top choice for pigmentation removal treatment. 






Ending thoughts: Best Skin Pigmentation Treatment Clinic in Delhi



Skin pigmentation Fades away your real beauty and makes your skin look dull and dry. But with the help of some of the advanced medical treatments, You get at Kotil skincare clinic. Nothing seems a barrier to treating pigmentation as effectively as possible. 



Three sittings are sufficient to eliminate shallow pigments. Deep entrenched pigments would require more sessions depending upon the layers of the skin the pigments have penetrated. To hope for long-lasting results, it is essential to follow the pre and post-care advice offered and finish all the sessions in sync with the treatment plan.