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With a growing craze towards hair color and using heat to style our hair, It’s time to discover the best professional treatments for Damaged Hair Recovery at Kotil skincare clinic.  

excess styling, excess-lightening, or just plain overdoing are some of the culprits as it might prompt your hair to get dry, brittle, and broken. 

Hair damage implies more than just split ends. Significantly damaged Hair develops cracks in the outer layer’s cuticle. When the cuticle lifts ( opens ),  hair gets susceptible to more damage and breakage.

The hair might also look dull or frizzy and be very difficult to manage. So, the question arises, Is it possible to go from Dry, brittle hair, to smooth, shiny locks? The answer is not always straightforward and clear.

But do not despair; with proper hair care and a few targeted treatments, you can prevent those things from happening or repair your hair, if it is already damaged. Get the best treatments for Damaged Hair at Kotils Clinic.

Luckily, the clinic provides some solid Best Hair Treatment options to repair dry and damaged hair in one go.

The article will focus on nine popular Damaged hair treatments to get healthy and shiny hair, as well as why getting clinically professional treatments is useful for dry and damaged hair and the highly recommended Hair serum by Kotil professionals.

Why choose clinical solutions for Damaged hair recovery Treatment?

. Before getting deep into the specific treatments that might rejuvenate dry and damaged Hair, it’s useful to know, the benefits of choosing clinical professional treatments and the reasons for considering them:

  1. Repair damage: Salon treatments are also great for repairing existing damage. If the damage is caused by chemicals, coloring, heat, environmental factors, or even over-styling, a salon treatment might help to repair its natural strength and beauty.
  1. Enhance or improve the appearance: When the hair is damaged, it looks duller, frizzier, and less lustrous. Clinical treatment might help improve your hair’s appearance, thereby lending it a shinier and smoother look.
  1. Enhance your hair’s overall health: Treatments that add moisture and repair damage might also improve your hair’s overall growth. The treatment justifies that proper hair health is not just about how your hair looks, but also about:
  • resistance to breakage and split ends 
  • Strength to grow in both diameter and length.
  • Scalp health 
  • Elasticity bounce 
  • Softness and shine 
  1. Customized or tailored support: The best aspect of selecting a clinical treatment is that the specialists can tailor the treatment to meet your hair’s specific needs.

The following  is the best Damaged Hair Solution  offered by Kotil Skin Science 

In an attempt to offer the best hair breakage solution, the medical practioners of kotil who clain to have equal expertise in hair care as well, strive to provide the underlying hair care solutions as highlighted beneath : 

  1. Keratin Treatment: It is a protein-enriched professional hair treatment that can help reverse the damage of chemically treated and natural or colored hair. It works by bonding the strands and helps to smoothen overlapping hair cells, thus, making your hair appear not only smoother but become less susceptible to breakage. 
  1. Scalp Massage Therapy: The aim is to promote blood circulation in the scalp, leaving your hair with stronger follicles and ultimately promoting hair growth. Intense scalp massages might help in this endeavor. Every week, damaged hair can be treated using nourishing, keratin-rich products massaged into the scalp.
  1. Microdermabrasion for Scalp: The treatment implies a deep exfoliating cleansing of the scalp that will work to dissolve oils and break down the accumulation of skin. This process unclogs the hair follicles, which might provide healthier, stronger hair. 
  1. Laser Hair Treatment:  The treatment makes use of a laser beam of light meant to cosmetically treat the appearance of thin, fragile, and damaged hair. It works to boost hair follicles and provides shinier, softer, fuller, and thicker hair. 
  1. Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) Therapy: It is a triple-layered medical process that triggers natural hair growth and balances it by increasing blood supply to the hair follicle. 
  1. Hair Botox Treatment: The treatment is highly effective for Dry, damaged, and frizzy hair. Botox for hair is a deep-conditioning treatment that contains keratin. 
  1. Hair Steaming: It offers new life to your hair by enhancing moisture consumption in your hair and scalp . The treatment primarily works to combat dryness and damage. 
  1. Hair Spa Treatments: It involves the use of lotions and creams on hair to make it more manageable and provide hair nourishment. it helps your hair get a straighter appearance without any frizz. 
  1. Cryotherapy for Scalp: Applying extreme cold temperatures to the scalp to enhance circulation and promote hair health. The specialists will change the position of the cryotherapy wand constantly so that the cold does not accumulate too long in one spot. 
  1. Ozone hair therapy: It is  , meant for treating Hair damage and scalp issues like dandruff, hair fall, hair thinning, and hair damage. 

how to recover damaged hair using the best recommended hair serum 

As the best hair breakage solution or the best remedy on how to recover damaged hair, Devriz anti-hair fall and regrowth serum is the perfect solution. The main underlying benefits that it offers : 

  1. Stimulates growth at the root by targeting the hair follicles. 
  1. Helps to get rid of dandruff, and itchy and dry scalp. 
  1. Combines powerful ingredient composition to address the root cause of hair damage and hair fall. 
  1. Works to stimulate hair growth and reduce hair fall. 

Conclusion: Best Hair Treatment to Recover Damaged Hair – Kotil Skin Science

Unless you own a time machine, you can’t undo the damage that is caused by hair damage, once it’s done. However, you can change your habits and give your hair some extra love by following a proper hair care routine or availing any one of the aforementioned treatments. 

If you are not getting the desired results, you must consult Kotil dermatologists by going to the ‘Contact Us ‘ page of the website. Here, you will get the crucial info like the customer support phone number and email address to proceed further with consultation.