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Get rid of your hair Fall, Heart Breaks! The Kotil skin care clinic offers the best hair treatment in Delhi, deeply strengthening hair roots, fiber, and scalp to prevent hair damage!

Getting silky and shiny hair, as seen on TV, is a thought full of delight for everyone. Our hair and scalp often face multiple problems at the same time.

Having smooth and silky hair is very important for nourishing it and adding years of sheen to your personality.

No matter if you are aiming for a temporary solution or a permanent solution, there are definite methods that might help you achieve silky and shiny hair.

In other words, some efforts in the right direction might take us miles, when it comes to our skin and hair.

Kotil Skin Care Clinic makes sure that the root cause of the problem is arrest. The in-clinic treatments complement the healing and maintenance processes.

No matter if you have straight or curly hair, both the temporary and permanent methods or treatments offered at Kotil Clinic can help make your hair curly, silky, and smooth.

The Kotil clinic offers three Best Hair Treatment in Delhi to provide silky and shiny hair: permanent chemical hair strengthening treatment, keratin treatment, and hair botox. All these treatments help to prevent rough, dry, or split ends, thereby paving the way for smooth and straight locks.

This article mainly focuses on highlighting the main causes of dry, damaged, or rough hair, the various treatment options that you will be getting at Kotil Skin Care Clinic, and how to make silky and shiney hair treatment packages work. 

highlighting the main causes of dry, damaged, and rough hair 

The need for silky and shiny Best Hair Treatment in Delhi arises to repair your dry, rough, and flat tresses. The main reasons for such damage and lackluster hair conditions might be highlight below:

  1. Hair products and styling—Hair products for coloring, perming, and relaxing might weaken the hair and make it more prone to breakage.
  1. Excessive Brushing: Over-brushing might also be responsible for breakage. People might not need to brush their hair as frequently as they believe.
  1. Towel drying: Rubbing wet hair with a towel might cause hair damage, frizz, and breakage.
  1. Stress: Excessive stress leads to a condition call telogen effluvium. This indicates a kind of hair damage.
  1. Dietary problems: Dietary problems might also lead to hair breakage and cause hair loss.

Find your way to smooth and shiny hair with Kotil Skin Science‘s Silky & Shiny hair Treatment packages 

The Kotil clinic offers some of the underlying best hair treatments based on your hair type, chemical ingredients and your budget like : 

1 )permanent hair strengthening: Most of the permanent hair strengthening methods use similar methods viz: 

Application of chemical solution to your hair. The chemicals work to change the way that the proteins in the hair are damaged. 

With perms and the Japanese thermal straightening process, a neutralizer solution is then put on your hair. The neutralizer enables hair to mould into a new shape. 

You will need to wait several hours for the chemical solutions to get absorb into the hair, apply the neutralizer, and style your hair. 

There are four kinds of permanent hair-strengthening such as : 

  1. Keratin treatment: This treatment is safe for hair and is available after thorough research. It lends a soft and supple texture to the hair. 
  1. Japanese straightening: This is a method that employs both chemicals and heat. Mainly originating from Japan as a smoothening plus conditioning method, the Japanese hair straightening procedure provides permanent changes to the hair structure. 
  1. Chemically strengthened hair: Tque. Now, with this method, it is also about breaking the bonds rather protein bonds in the hair. Once the right number of bonds are broken, then, the curly or wavy hair gets straight. 
  1. Hair Rebonding Treatment: This is a chemical hair process that makes your hair straight, sleek, or shiny. 

2) Keratin treatment: To make sure that the hair is really clean, free of any dirt, and readily absorb all the product. The practioners at the clinic will typically wash your hair twice with clarifying shampoo. After that, the keratin solution will be apply to the wet hair and combed through. As a final step, the hair shape is further tweaked and twisted with the use of heat – first, with the blow dryer and finally with the flat iron. This is to provide a humidity-resistant finish and smooth, silky strands. 

3) Hair Botox: A hair botox treatment acts as a filler. It is a deep-conditioning treatment that coats hair fibers with a filler like keratin. The treatment works to fill in hair strands with flexible, soft fibers. It gradually paves the way to fuller, shiny hair. Botox for hair does not include injections of any kind. Rather, it’s a conditioning agent that is applied directly to your hair strands.

Let’s sum up: How to make silky and shiney hair treatment packages work  

Silky and shiny Best Hair Treatment in Delhi packages offered by Kotils Skin Science successfully work on the main ethos of:

  1. Breakage minimization 
  1. Scalp build-up elimination 
  1. Root energizing 
  1. Dandruff elimination 
  1. Shaft strengthening 
  1. Volumizing 
  1. Smoothing and shine 
  1. Frizz control 

In the End: Make Silky and Shiny Hairs with Kotil Skin Science: Best Hair Treatment in Delhi

The aforementioned treatments will not only go a long way in helping you achieve your dream of smooth and silky hair, but they will also help to maintain your hair and make sure that it remains intact and shiny for a long period of time. You can also directly reach the Kotil Contact Us page and book your online appointment with the experienced practitioners.
Therefore, the answer to How to make silky and shiney hair is not that difficult to provide. An investment of a little time and perseverance might easily work to make your hair silky and straight. For any continuous dryness or hair fall, you can visit your Kotil dermatologist to treat it in no time.