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Permanent Makeup Treatment

Permanent Makeup also Called Cosmetic tattooing or micropigmentation is a specialized process that includes Pigment deposition into the upper skin layers to improve and define specific features. It is a safe procedure done using a pen filled with iron oxide that tattoos the skin and to create the look of Makeup.

Permanent Makeup Treatment

Grappling with Makeup Woes that makes it difficult for you to apply eyeliner, lipstick or other cosmetics. Or perhaps, you lead a busy life with little time to finish your makeup or are finding it difficult to manage makeup that lasts long enough on the skin. If any of these problems are true, then, you might consider opting for Permanent Make Up as a solution. Many fewer people have a clear idea about what exactly Permanent Make Up is. How does it work or even if it is a safe procedure or not?

To answer all your queries, the later segment of the Blog will consist of what is a permanent Make up? How is permanent makeup done? Common Types of Permanent Makeup Available at Kotil Skin science and other related aspects that will be highlighted in the blog with due explanation ? .

Meaning of Permanent Make Up

Permanent Makeup also Known as Micropigmentation is extremely helpful , if you are a person who wants to look their best thereby avoiding the physical challenges of applying make up . It is essentially a cosmetic tattoo technique that creates filled in brows , Crisp eyeliner , and tinted lips that might last for over a year . It is also used to camouflage or enhance scars , even out skin colouring and restore the lost colours of certain skin areas . 

How is Permanent Makeup Treatment done?

Kotil skincare clinic follows the technique of a traditional tattoo shop . Permanent Make up is performed in an office setting . The procedure is carried out with a pen -like instrument or standard Tattoo Gun . In order to inject an iron oxide pigment , the needle will penetrate a few millimetres into the middle layers of your dermis . The cosmetic specialist of Kotil skin clinic will be wearing medical gloves while they perform the Procedure . 


From preparation to the end of the procedure , the permanent Make Up process takes about 30 minutes to several hours to perform .  After the Procedure is done , the skin specialist will provide you with an antiseptic to keep the treated region clean . Additionally , you might also be provided an ointment to keep the area soft and promote  fast healing . Practitioners might also put a bandage to protect the areas for several hours post -procedure .

Common Types of permanent makeup treatment available at kotil skin clinic

If you are considering Permanent Make up , You can avail the underlying  popular Permanent Make up Treatments at kotil skincare clinic : 

Permanent brow :

Permanent Makeup or cosmetic tattooing which is a fast growing trend in the health and beauty Industry might provide perfectly shaped eyebrows . It is effective for faint , light coloured eyebrows that don’t stand out or partial eyebrows , a cosmetic tattoo treatment is of immense help .

Permanent eyeliner :

Permanent eyeliner is a great method to enhance your eyes . It might be used to create a variety of looks , ranging from a natural look to a more dramatic look . The procedure might make your eyes look wider or more open . It lends a unique brightness and vibrancy to your eyes .

Permanent lip liner and lipstick :

 If you want to enhance the looks of your lips , permanent make up is a great method . Permanent Lip liner and lipstick are other kinds of Cosmetic tattooing . Lip liner will help define your lips and lipstick might provide you a beautiful , long -lasting colour !  .

Lip blushing :

 Want to feel the illusion of having fuller lips . You can opt for lip blushing which is also another kind of permanent Make up . This kind of cosmetic tattooing is perfect for those who wish to create a  natural looking flush of colour on the lips .

What are the Benefits of Permanent Makeup Treatment


All the Permanent Make up categories available at the kotil skincare clinic carry with it the underlying benefits such as : 


Time saving –It helps to save consumers precious time , more so, when rushing to get to work in the Next Morning . 


Convenient and easy – Permanent Make up spares the Time to carefully apply Make up each Day . Thus , it’s a convenient option for older women , busy women and for everyone who is tired of spending hours before the mirror doing Makeup . 


Non -comedogenic and smudge -free – With Permanent Make up , one need not worry about Smudging , smearing or wiping and for this , permanent Make Up emerges as a favourite choice among swimmers . 


It promotes self-confidence – If you are self-conscious of the way you look , or is afraid of scarring on the face , permanent make up helps to overhaul your look . 


Is permanent Makeup completely safe ? 

Permanent is generally deemed as a safe process ,if performed in a clinic like Kotil . But still , there is a minimal chance of infection as the needle breaks through the skin . Especially for people with sensitive skin , there is a chance of developing an allergic reaction  or skin infections but the risk is very low . To avoid complications , properly sterilised  , single -purpose equipment should be employed to minimize the risk of infection .



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Which is the most popular permanent makeup treatment Treatment method ?

Permanent Brow also called Microblading is the most popular  Permanent Make Up Treatment method . 


Who should skip permanent makeup treatment ?

People with compromised immune system or those with eczema or psoriasis should avoid permanent make up . 


What is the time Duration for permanent makeup treatment to last ?

Most of the permanent Makeup lasts for about three to five years . 


How do I remove permanent makeup treatment ?

Yes , you can remove permanent Make up through methods like laser removal , saline removal , or camouflage methods . 


Is permanent makeup treatment painful ?

When performed correctly and with proper after care , permanent makeup should not cause any damage to the skin . 

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